Dried figs, apples and pistachios Tart



This apple and dried fig tart is a delicious recipe to enjoy in any season. This tart has a very fresh base as its main ingredient is apple.


The base of the apples with the dried figs makes for a soft and creamy textured dish. In addition to the softness, the figs will bring an extra amount of fiber. 


Here are the ingredients you will need and how to prepare it. It's very simple. 



Recipe for apple and dried figs El Pajarero tart.



3 Reineta or Golden apples


2 eggs


14 dried figs


150 gr flour


100 gr of brown sugar


1 sachet of baking powder


2 tablespoons cinnamon powder


2 tablespoons powdered sugar


1 tablespoon of pistachios, finely chopped





How to prepare an apple and dried figs tart


Firstly, peel the apples, cut them into pieces and put them in the blender.


Take the apples and add brown sugar, eggs and flour. Begin to blend until we get a doughy mixture. The crushed apples should combine with the dough, this is useful for giving a certain creaminess to the dough, as well as hydrating it.


Finally, add the yeast to the dough, to achieve the necessary consistency and creaminess. Once we have all the ingredients of the dough ready, grease the mold with butter and we will put the dough in it. Let it rest for a few minutes in the refrigerator while we prepare the dried figs.


Cut the figs in half into regular pieces. Distribute them evenly over the top of the cake without leaving any holes. Bake the tart for about 40 minutes until the dough is perfectly cooked.


Decorate the cake with a little powdered sugar and cinnamon, you can add a little honey, or some fruit jelly. Finally, sprinkle some ground pistachios, which will give the perfect touch both to the presentation and to the flavor. All these ingredients go very well with each other.


Time to enjoy!


Dry figs El Pajarero


Dry figs make for a great, easy, healthy snack to eat. They are rich in nutrients and can be enjoyed by everyone. They contain a lot of fiber, potassium and calcium and are easy to eat.

You can eat them by themselves or add them to yogurt or cream cheese. They are also delicious for salads and your favorite stews and meats. Here you will find many recipes that have dry figs.


Not only are dry figs delicious and full of vitamins and minerals, but they also have other great benefits for your health. Keep reading to find out about the five main reasons you should consider adding dry figs to your diet today.


5 benefits of eating dry figs


1 Fiber: You most likely have heard that fiber is important for your health. Do you know why? It’s because, among many other reasons the consumption of foods that are high in fiber can help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke, it keeps your digestion in check and it won't make you feel bloated like other foods. Besides, it’s so filling it’ll prevent overeating. All of these reasons will make your digestive system very grateful for this food. :)


2 Potassium: Potassium deficiency can cause weakening of muscles, arritmia and a slight increase of blood pressure. You will most likely have heard that bananas are a great source of potassium, well, as unlikely as it sounds dry figs contain more potassium than bananas and are easier to digest.

3 Calcium: Most fruits contain a bit of calcium, but dry figs have a remarkably high content in them. If you’re looking for a way of keeping your bones strong, a daily serving of dry figs will give you great results!


4 Magnesium: Magnesium deficiency is very common and is linked to cardiovascular disease and increase of glucose. Due to the multiple operations your organism does everyday it is considering a vital mineral for health. A tasty and natural way of getting more magnesium in your diet is through eating dry figs.


5 Iron: Iron is a mineral that helps your body grow and develop. In fact it’s so important for the growth and development of humans that, if you don’t have enough in you, it can cause anemia. Dry figs are a great source of iron. If you need to increase your iron levels in a natural way, eat dry figs daily.


Dry figs are one of the oldest cultivated plants in history. They have been used for centuries by many different cultures, and they contain antioxidants that will contribute great benefits for your health. In case you haven't yet, it’s time to add dry figs to your diet.