Fig bread with nuts El Pajarero


We all have favourite flavours that remind us of a unique moment, family gatherings or simply the warmth of home. For some it is a specific dish, while for others it may be a flavour or an ingredient. 


For Fuensanta, our manager, one of the things that always takes her back to her childhood is fig bread with nuts. She tells us that her father (founder of the company) used to prepare it with his traditional recipe and she used to love helping him, asking for a piece and then another, and another, and another....


With a twinkle in her eye, she adds that every time she tastes fig bread again, those wonderful memories of her childhood come back to her.

Over time, the family recipe has been perfected and became so successful that one day, they decided to elaborate for sales purposes. Today, it is one of the company's most outstanding gourmet products. It is sold internationally and is highly appreciated not only for its traditional recipe, but also for the high quality of its ingredients.


Although it is often referred to as fig "bread", it contains neither flour nor wheat. It is made from dried figs, forming a compact and dense paste, and in the case of Higos El Pajarero, delicious nuts are added.


Although fig bread is a typical preparation of Spanish gastronomy, it can be found in other parts of the world. It is a peasant recipe that was born to allow the lasting preservation of dried figs as an energy food, which was very valuable when farmers worked hard and during long hours..


Nowadays, in Spain, fig bread is produced and consumed not only because it is a natural and delicious product that can be eaten in different ways, but also because its multiple health benefits help protect our organism.

It is the perfect balance between natural life, health and flavour.


And although we will talk about the many benefits of fig bread in another article, we would like to point out that it provides a lot of energy and high doses of fibre, calcium, potassium and magnesium. Perfectly necessary for today's pace of life. It is widely consumed, among others, by athletes and people who need to improve their intestinal transit. 



Suggestions to make your fig bread even more irresistible


•Do you want a trick to get an irresistible texture for El Pajarero fig bread with nuts?


•Take it out of the box, remove the film and put it on a plate.


•Microwave it for about 30" at 450 watts.


•Cut it into triangles or square portions and enjoy!


With this trick, not only will it be easier to cut, but the heat will also enhance the delicious flavours of the dried figs and the other ingredients, creating a wonderful combination between them and creating a delicious treat that's hard to resist.


Combine it with tea, with a sweet wine or simply eat it on its own after your favourite dish. You can also eat it as a snack.


The combination of figs with nuts, cinnamon and aniseed seeds creates an incredible flavour profile.


Mustard chicken tenderloin with dry figs


It's likely that if you hear mustard chicken with dry figs your mind will think immediately of Medieval Europe. But, have you ever tried it? The bittersweet flavor of mustard and the dry figs make for a perfect combination with the tasty chicken. This meal is very easy to prepare: you just have to follow these simple steps. Let's go!


Ingredients for 4 servings

  • 12 pieces of chicken tenderloin
  • 16/20 dry figs El Pajarero
  • 3 medium onions
  • 200g of fresh peas
  • Old mustard to your liking
  • Bay leaves and any seasoning you like.



Season the chicken and lightly pan-fry it with oil. Put it aside.

Cut the onion julienne style and poach them in the same pan. Season it. Let it cook until golden, meanwhile we will take off the stems of the dry figs El Pajarero, dice them and add them to the pan.


They will get moist while cooking, you'll see how delicious and tender they can get.

Afterwards make a long incision on the tenderloin and pour the mustard.

Then use a brush to coat all the pieces. Introduce the pieces into the pan so they finish cooking with the remaining ingredients. It’ll be ready in just a few minutes.

We suggest you make a side salad with lamb's lettuce, cherry tomatoes and chia seeds. They go very well with this meal.


For this dish we have chosen the old mustard because out of all of the varieties of mustard, this is the softest and less processed. That's why this is also a good plate for children. But if only adults will be having this meal, you can use any mustard you like. Whichever you choose will make it an exceptional dish. 


Who would have thought this meal was so easy to make? The recipe is easy and tasty. And if you feel a bit adventurous, you can try adding some of your own favorite spices. Above all, don't focus on the complexity of the recipe; it's not hard at all. You just have to follow the steps previously stated to begin to cook your own chicken with dry figs and mustard, medieval style. Enjoy!