Our History



Our trade can be dated back thousands of years, for dried figs were one of the main staple foods in human diet even before the advent of agriculture. Hunters and gatherers roaming about in the Middle East observed that the ripe fruits fallen from the trees would quickly dry out under the blazing sun, turning into exquisite treats that were at the same time highly nutritious.



This natural process has been continued over time and today Higos el Pajarero is pleased to offer its global clients all the history and quality enclosed in these precious gastronomic delicacies.


Being inherently resistant to spoilage, as well as easy to carry and store, dehydrated fruit has been a main constituent in the diets of different populations and cultures in many regions. There are however several other reasons for peoples’ appreciation of these exquisite snacks. Most importantly, dried figs maintain most of the nutritional value of the fruit. Also, their delicious flavour pleases the taste buds of people all around the world.


Thanks to its aromatic natural sweetness, dried figs were used as sweeteners before the appearance of refined sugars. Nowadays, after the realization of the negative effects of refined sugars on the human body, dried figs are greatly appreciated and are being introduced in the diet of health conscious people who at the same time want to enjoy delicious and sumptuous recipes.


Thanks to their extraordinary and gourmet quality, dried figs by Higos el Pajarero satisfy the demands of both fit and epicurean lifestyles.

International clients from all over the world have appreciated and chosen our products, as they bring to their palates the natural and traditional flavour of the most exquisite dried figs.