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Higos el Pajarero is specialized in the production of figs belonging to the “pajarero” variety, also known as “calabacita”. In their natural small size, “pajarero” figs enclose a pleasant flavour, a distinctive sweetness and an excellent array of nutritional properties.

Dried figs have thus being integrated in the regular food intake of the general public as well as sports oriented consumers, and are now frequent ingredients in the day to day recipes as well as in the experimental and innovative dishes created by gourmets and gourmands all over the world. Another particular quality that makes these famous fruits stand out is their thin and soft skin, which makes them ever so appealing to the touch and the palate. Higos el Pajarero figs are not only appreciated for their undeniable exquisiteness, but also chosen as an important dietary supplement in the control of certain chronic ailments or to simply regain a natural physiological balance of the body thanks to their nutritional properties: