chocolate and dried fig chocolates


Imagine surprising your partner with homemade chocolate-covered dried fig bonbons! Eating tasty and healthy, is very feasible. Besides, cooking for them counts for something, doesn't it? The preparation is very easy and you don't need many ingredients so take note! El Pajarero dried figs are perfect for this recipe because they are small and sweet. Therefore, they are the most recommended.


If you prefer that the chocolates are not too sweet, choose an extra pure chocolate. Remember that chocolate is of higher quality the higher its purity, that is, the higher its composition in cocoa paste. Therefore, a 90% cocoa component chocolate will be of higher quality, higher purity and healthier than a 70% cocoa component one.



30 El Pajarero dried figs.


30 whole, roasted and peeled almonds.


30 whole hazelnuts, roasted and peeled.


80 grams of dark chocolate with no added sugars


A small amount of butter to melt together with the chocolate.


Ice cream or cream to taste to accompany them. 



Select the figs, if they can be moderately all the same size, or similar, the better. Also keep in mind that they look better with the stem kept. Not only because they look better, but also because it will be easier to dip them in chocolate.


Place hazelnuts and almonds in a bowl. Calculate 1 hazelnut and 1 almond per fig. Both must be whole and well peeled.


Here, according to your preference, you can grind them a little before or place them whole inside the fig. To do this, you have to make a small cut at the base of the fig.  If you decide to stuff the figs with the ground nuts, help yourself with a small spoon. Placing them whole will allow you to save time. 


As you fill the El Pajarero dried figs, set them aside on a tray until it is time to dip them in chocolate.


To prepare the coating, chop the chocolate and heat it over very low heat with a little butter. Once the chocolate is runny, you can dip the figs in it. To make the most of the chocolate, we suggest you use a narrow and elongated container, for example, a yogurt container will come in handy.


Once all the figs are covered with chocolate, let them rest on parchment paper or a silicone sheet. Once the coating is solid, plate them as you like. Depending on the presentation you want to give them, they will look great when placed individually in chocolate molds.


To present them, it is a good option to accompany them with cream or strawberry, orange or vanilla ice cream. And with a good coffee, they are delicious!!


Either way, with these dried figs and chocolate, you will surprise your partner! 


Happy Valentine's Day and enjoy!

dried figs El Pajarero with rice flour


At Higos El Pajarero we want to share with you one of the secrets of a healthy diet that allows you to be in optimal shape: the consumption of dried figs. These little delicacies are full of properties, vitamins, minerals and other substances with which you will get a perfect health, so get ready to know them a little more.



The first thing you need to know is the amount of properties that dried figs El Pajarero have. For starters, they are rich in some of the most important minerals for your body. Without going any further, these fruits, when dried, contain large amounts of iron, although this is not their only advantage. On the contrary, calcium and magnesium are also very abundant in figs presented in this way, so they are most suitable to help alleviate many deficiencies in the body.


However, this food also contains a good amount of vitamins that you should not lose sight of. For example, various types of vitamin B are found in high concentrations in this dried fruit, which is ideal for your body health.


Healthy eating

Taking into account these characteristics, it is easy to guess that dried figs are ideal to be able to eliminate certain pathologies. For example, cases of anemia have in this fruit a powerful all-natural medicine due to the presence of iron and vitamin B.


Digestive disorders, especially those with symptoms such as constipation and even heartburn, can also find a solution in the consumption of figs El Pajarero. The reason is none other than the abundant amount of fiber that a regular consumption of this fruit provides, a completely necessary element to enjoy life in a healthy way.