dried figs El Pajarero with rice flour


At Higos El Pajarero we want to share with you one of the secrets of a healthy diet that allows you to be in optimal shape: the consumption of dried figs. These little delicacies are full of properties, vitamins, minerals and other substances with which you will get a perfect health, so get ready to know them a little more.



The first thing you need to know is the amount of properties that dried figs El Pajarero have. For starters, they are rich in some of the most important minerals for your body. Without going any further, these fruits, when dried, contain large amounts of iron, although this is not their only advantage. On the contrary, calcium and magnesium are also very abundant in figs presented in this way, so they are most suitable to help alleviate many deficiencies in the body.


However, this food also contains a good amount of vitamins that you should not lose sight of. For example, various types of vitamin B are found in high concentrations in this dried fruit, which is ideal for your body health.


Healthy eating

Taking into account these characteristics, it is easy to guess that dried figs are ideal to be able to eliminate certain pathologies. For example, cases of anemia have in this fruit a powerful all-natural medicine due to the presence of iron and vitamin B.


Digestive disorders, especially those with symptoms such as constipation and even heartburn, can also find a solution in the consumption of figs El Pajarero. The reason is none other than the abundant amount of fiber that a regular consumption of this fruit provides, a completely necessary element to enjoy life in a healthy way.

magnesium, dried figs and health


You can now find dried figs in many grocery stores, eat them to take care of your health as well as enjoying them, as they contain huge doses of magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, etc. Today we will tell you about some of the benefits magnesium has.


Magnesium is one of the most abundant elements in the planet, it’s essential for many physiological processes in the human body. Remember 100 grams of dried figs count for 12% of the daily medium value recommended.


On the other hand, the medium daily value of magnesium we need is over 400 milligrams and is not hard to obtain if you have a varied and equilibrated diet, as it is a very abundant element. Nonetheless, meeting this dosage can be hard if you stray away from the typical mediterranean diet.


This alcaline element is the seventh most abundant in all of planet earth, representing 2% of the earth's crust and is the third most prevalent element found in liquid form after chlorine and sodium. This fact can make us realize how important it is on the physiological processes of living beings, one of them being muscular regulation.


This is the most important mineral for muscular contraction. Without magnesium, there is a chronic deficit and cramps can become much more frequent. It’s presence is essential to some extent so muscular contraction can be regulated properly.


It also intervenes in electrical impulse transmission in different ways, as it also does in protection of DNA and RNA when they are exposed to change. It also forms many coenzymes for important functions.


It’s also a basic mineral for our gut flora, and it’ll be used so our intestinal functions work properly, that’s why magnesium intake must always be above minimum, so it can travel through our intestines and feed our flora. It must be said that 60% to 70% of magnesium travels through our intestines. On the other hand, magnesium is considered essential so that phosphorus and calcium will bind with our bones and teeth, therefore phosphorus and calcium rich foods without magnesium are not effective to fixate these minerals.


But magnesium’s strengths don’t end there, as low levels of plasmatic magnesium are related with anxiety and depression, without any concrete proof. What’s clear is that it’s a crucial mineral that must be very present in our diet or we put ourselves at risk of suffering deficiencies with symptoms such as muscle cramps, anxiety, insomnia, dental problems, bone breakage or even in extreme cases neuronal syndromes like convulsions or spasms, specially in alcoholic or depressed people.


What’s most important is having present that if you want to take care of yourself through a rich, varied and equilibrated diet a little dose of dried figs, along other food products like legumes, whole grains, blue fish, dairy, dried fruits, fatty fruits, dark chocolate, raisins and asparagus, can offer the dose needed to achieve the medium daily value of magnesium. Don’t base your diet in ultra processed or empty food. With an adequate diet you can take care of yourself naturally. And don’t forget dried figs

Six benefits that dried figs bring to your health


Dried figs bring much more than six benefits. Here we list and explain some of them.


  1. Heart health
  2. Alkaline formation
  3. Healthy hair
  4. Constipation
  5. Hypertension and Blood Pressure
  6. Rich in magnesium


Heart health

Dried figs are very low in sodium, but they have high levels of potassium and magnesium. These nutrients work in lowering arterial pressure and in the meantime, the dietetic fiber aids in lowering cholesterol. Antioxidants in figs help prevent the accumulation of plaque on arteries and veins.



Alcaline formation

One of the main benefits of eating dried figs is that they help provide a good alkaline environment for your body, which is important to prevent acidity and inflammation. Some nuts or other dried fruits are processed and actually promote inflammation, but dried figs are an exception to that. An alkaline body can help raise your energy levels and general health.


Healthy hair

Unhealthy hair usually happens when minerals and vitamins in your body are limited. Consuming 4 to 5 drieds figs a day is one of the best ways to achieve follicle health, providing them with the minerals and vitamins they need.


Dried figs help with constipation

Eating 2 to 3 dried figs daily after every meal, not only helps bring your vowel system to a normal functioning, but also helps with gastritis. Eating them on an empty stomach helps the body get rid of any worms and cleans the veins in all of your body.


Hypertension and Arterial Pressure

The high contents in potassium and low contents on sodium of dried figs is a perfect combination to help fight against hypertension and helps keep blood pressure in check. It also contains some elements that can aid in soothing your nerves.


A great source of magnesium

Dried figs are full of magnesium, which is a trace element necessary to keep many enzymatic reactions essential for energy production and a strong immune system.

Dried Figs El Pajarero


In Higos Secos El Pajarero we want to share with you one of the greatest secrets for a healthy diet that will allow you to be in shape: the consumption of dry figs. These little delicacies are full of great properties,vitamins, minerals and many other substances which will give you great health, so get ready to get to know them a bit better.



The first thing you should know is that the figs El Pajarero have many properties. For starters, they are rich in some of the most important minerals for your body. In fact, these fruits when dry contain great quantities of iron, although it’s not their only advantage. On the contrary, calcium and magnesium are also greatly abundant in dry figs, and so they end up being great to make up for vitamins and minerals you’re not getting.


This food also contains a good quantity of vitamins that you shouldn’t ignore. For example, multiple kinds of vitamin B can be found in high doses in this dry fruit, something ideal for your health.


A healthy diet to prevent illness


Keeping in mind all of these characteristics, it’s easy to guess that dry figs are ideal to aid some pathologies. For example, anemia can be mitigated in a natural way because of the powerful doses of iron and vitamin B. Digestive issues, especially the ones that can cause constipation or acidity, can be fixed by consuming figs El pajarero. That’s because of the fiber that regular consumption of this food can give to your body, an element completely necessary to enjoy a healthy life.


Dried figs El Pajarero


Dried figs are one of those foods that hide more secrets behind their simple appearance and their sweet flavor. They are full of nutrients and some properties capable of improving the health of anyone.

This fruit is an essential element if you want to enjoy a healthy diet in every sense of the word.


Nutritional values of dried figs

Here is where the real secret of figs can be found. The sweet and tasty substances that can be found in these fruits, are excellent to balance your diet and make it a lot healthier. For starters, the high concentration of fiber in this food is very high, it’s hard to find any other fruit that offers so much fiber in such a direct way. Selenium is one of the most present minerals in a fig.

Flavonoids are elements capable of protecting the organism from many illnesses, they can be found very concentrated in this little fruit capable of making them anyone’s favorite. Nonetheless, very few know that figs are one of the fruit that contain the most calcium, another reason that just by itself makes its consumption recommendable.


El Pajarero dried figs. Box.

Beneficial properties for your health

Fiber, calcium, selenium and many other elements are necessary to have a healthy diet, and the protagonists of these elements are figs. Now, the presence of these substances offers countless healthy qualities that must be taken into account. In these we can mention: 


1) It’s excellent to have a great energy level due to its high carb count and how easy it is to assimilate.


2) They are practically fat-free, which makes them a perfect food to keep body weight in check.


3) Its consumption favors elimination of toxins generated by other food and it also prevents some kinds of cancer thanks to its high antioxidant concentration found in its pulp.


4) Lastly, its calcium content is excellent to strengthen bones in the body, scaring away degenerative illnesses like artrosis.


In conclusion, consuming dried figs is a gift, not only for your health but for your palate, and so they should be a part of everyone’s diet.


9 interesting facts about dried figs


El Pajarero dried figs, of the calabacita variety, are a delicious and nutritious snack enjoyed by people of all ages. However, there are some facts about dried figs that many people don't know. We bring you nine of the most interesting ones.


1) Because of their sweet and mild flavour, dried figs are increasingly used in gastronomy, both in sweet and savoury dishes.


2) Currently, the main producers of dried figs are Spain, Turkey, Greece, Egypt and Morocco.


3) Out of the 700 varieties of fig trees found worldwide, only 300 are grown for human consumption.


4) The nutritional value of dried figs, compared to fresh figs, is tripled due to water loss.


5) Excessive salt intake is one of the main causes of high blood pressure and dried figs can help create a balance and prevent it from rising further.


6) Due to the amount of natural sugar in dried figs, they can increase energy levels and improve mood. 


7) Dried figs go well with many varieties of cheese, mushrooms, spinach, arugula, endive, lamb's lettuce and watercress, chicory, spring onions, garlic, tofu, different types of bread and other nuts and dried fruits.


8) Because of their vitamin B6 and vitamin E content, consumption of dried figs can relieve menstrual cramps in women.


9) For those days when we know that we are going to be spending a lot of energy, dried figs are a great option due to them being high in calories.


We hope that these interesting facts about El Pajarero dried figs and, above all, their consumption, have pleasantly surprised you. They are delicious, nutritious and natural, perfect to eat anywhere. If you want to know more about their properties or how to prepare various recipes with them, check out the other entries in our blog. 

Brown rice with dried figs and mussels


Do you want to make an easy lunch or dinner that is fast, healthy and tasty but you're tired of making the same meals over and over?


We bring you an easier solution: Brown rice with dried figs and mussels! Dried figs add a delicious and sweet flavour that goes very well with the other ingredients.


Not only is it a delicious meal, but it's also very beneficial for your health. Brown rice, mixed together with the dried figs and mussels are an excellent way of obtaining your daily dose of omega 3 through the mussels, as well as magnesium, calcium, fiber and potassium from the dried figs. This delicious plate will make you feel satisfied with very little calories!


This recipe can be made in less than 30 minutes so this is perfect if you're low on time or simply don't feel like cooking.


Ingredients for 4 plates


Brown rice: 250g (8,8oz)

Dried figs El Pajarero: 20 figs

Fresh or frozen mussels: 24 mussels approximately.(depending on their size)

Purple onion: 1 big onion

Coconut oil to your liking

Garlic: 2 cloves

Nutmeg to your liking

Dry bay leaves: 3 (optional)




1. Cook the rice until soft


2. Cut the dried figs into small bits. You can obtain three to four pieces per fig depending on the fig's size. Once you have them, soak them in hot water for 5 minutes to rehydrate them, then let them dry on a paper towel.


3. Steam the mussels and put them aside or defrost about 24 pieces. We recommend that you add the bay leaves to the mussel water. It gives them an extraordinary touch.


4. We will add two to three spoonfuls of coconut oil in a frying pan and we'll fry them with a thinly sliced onion. When it's golden, we'll add the drained brown rice, the figs and the mussels.


5. Mix all the ingredients and add a bit of nutmeg. Other spices that go well with this meal are black pepper and cumin. Although you can add some of your favourite spices, you will have your meal ready. The

only thing that's left to do is to enjoy it!


This delicious brown rice with dried figs and mussels is creamy and full of texture, very similar to risotto. And as we said in the beginning, not only is it easy and quick but it's healthy.

This delicious combination is perfect to be enjoyed at lunch or dinner. We are sure that you will love it.