Nov 30

What benefits do dried figs offer for your health?

Dried figs El Pajarero


Dried figs are one of those foods that hide more secrets behind their simple appearance and their sweet flavor. They are full of nutrients and some properties capable of improving the health of anyone.

This fruit is an essential element if you want to enjoy a healthy diet in every sense of the word.


Nutritional values of dried figs

Here is where the real secret of figs can be found. The sweet and tasty substances that can be found in these fruits, are excellent to balance your diet and make it a lot healthier. For starters, the high concentration of fiber in this food is very high, it’s hard to find any other fruit that offers so much fiber in such a direct way. Selenium is one of the most present minerals in a fig.

Flavonoids are elements capable of protecting the organism from many illnesses, they can be found very concentrated in this little fruit capable of making them anyone’s favorite. Nonetheless, very few know that figs are one of the fruit that contain the most calcium, another reason that just by itself makes its consumption recommendable.


El Pajarero dried figs. Box.

Beneficial properties for your health

Fiber, calcium, selenium and many other elements are necessary to have a healthy diet, and the protagonists of these elements are figs. Now, the presence of these substances offers countless healthy qualities that must be taken into account. In these we can mention: 


1) It’s excellent to have a great energy level due to its high carb count and how easy it is to assimilate.


2) They are practically fat-free, which makes them a perfect food to keep body weight in check.


3) Its consumption favors elimination of toxins generated by other food and it also prevents some kinds of cancer thanks to its high antioxidant concentration found in its pulp.


4) Lastly, its calcium content is excellent to strengthen bones in the body, scaring away degenerative illnesses like artrosis.


In conclusion, consuming dried figs is a gift, not only for your health but for your palate, and so they should be a part of everyone’s diet.