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Even though human beings have been consuming dried figs for millenia, there’s still a lot of confusion around the knowledge of this fruit and the benefits it brings. Figs have experienced a great increase in demand, especially by people who, during COVID, were looking for healthy and nutritious food with a long shelf life. 


Unlike fresh figs which have a specific time of the year when they can be consumed, dried figs are available all year round. Fresh figs are harvested mostly in May and are available until August or September, they have a seven-day shelf life, from harvesting to consumption.



¿Why has it called the youth’s attention?


In general, dried figs producers and sellers are experiencing a huge demand. And this peculiarity isn't only seen in people older than 50, as it’s usually always been, but the rise is seen mostly in young people.


Be it because it’s an easy snack and you can take it anywhere; for its big properties for sporty people; or its long shelf life with the right measures, dried figs offer excellent possibilities.


During the pandemic, a lot of young people have discovered that cooking can be a good hobby, and dried figs fit in very well with their exploration of new and unique things. Furthermore, this godsent of a fruit is marvelous when we’re talking about health and flavor.


Another keypoint of dried figs that have awakened interest is that, since it’s a natural product, it adapts very well to a healthy and active lifestyle, and therefore general  wellbeing.


Moreover, the fact that dried figs provide the same flavor and nutrition all year round allows for their consumption to increase.



The particular flavor of dried figs


Ethnic groups, specially from the Mediterranean, Middle east and Asia are the biggest consumer of figs. Nonetheless the more their benefits are known, the knowledge of them expands all around, that’s why they have become a basic food in the diets of people all around the world. 


If you’ve never had the chance to try a dried fig you’re missing out. This fruit is much more than an interesting name.


Dried figs have a unique flavor  and a subtle sweetness that cannot be compared to other fruits.


This, coupled with their versatility and nutritional benefits, make them the perfect fruit to eat on their own or add to a variety of savory or sweet dishes.


Dried figs are here to stay. They are delicious, nutritious and versatile. With their increasing popularity among young people, it's only a matter of time before they become a staple in everyone's diet. 


So the next time you see dried figs at your local grocery store, be sure to buy a bag or two. You won't regret it.


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Picture with cheese, jam and dried figs


My great grandmother used to prepare this Dried figs and nuts in jam, and I still remember it. I was young and this one was one of the first recipes she taught us to make. Today it’s still one of the family’s favorites. This recipe has been passed down from generation to generation and, even though it's almost intact, there have been some details added to it that have made it even more delightful.


Everyone in my family loves it and they still make it. IT also offers many possibilities, for example, my mother spreads it on toasted bread or fresh out of the oven. My nephews combine them with cheese, especially brie, goat cheese and camembert. My sister in law uses it to fill pastries and cakes. My brother loves adding it to meat.


Since we’re certain you’ll like it, we’ll provide you with the recipe so you can make it yourself. I’m sure you’ll find all kinds of creative combinations. The good thing about this recipe is that, besides the great properties that dried figs have for your health, they are much more long lasting than fresh figs and therefore, available all year round, so you can make this jam whenever you like :)




1 kg of dried figs El Pajarero


5 cups of water (1250 ml)


3 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice.


200 g walnuts (chopped small)


1 cup pine nuts


Anise seeds (to taste)


Sesame seeds (to taste)


500 g. of sugar (Our recipe calls for a small amount of sugar. If you like it very sweet, add more sugar, but the dried fig variety el pajarero is so sweet, that in our recipe we only add 200 g.)





Firstly prepare the syrup by pouring water, sugar and the lemon juice in a big pot.


Stir the mixture with a wooden spoon and set it to high heat until it boils.


Lower the fire and let it simmer in low heat without covering it for 8 minutes.


Drop the dried figs without the stems and the anise seed in the syrup that you’ve prepared in the previous step and let it cook in low heat (without covering it) for about 30 minutes.

Meanwhile, toast the sesame seeds and nuts separately.


To toast the sesame seeds do the following: Place an unoiled pan to medium heat. Add the sesame seeds and move them constantly with a wooden spoon until the seeds start to look a bit more golden, approximately 2 to 3 minutes. Remove from the fire and let them cool down before adding them.


Crush or mince the walnuts with your hands (you don’t need the pieces to be very small).


Use the same pan you used for the sesame seeds, place it on medium heat, add the chopped walnuts and move them for about 2 to 3 minutes or until it changes the color lightly. Let them cool down and put them aside.


When it’s been 20 minutes of cooking at low heat the figs in the syrup add the raw pine nuts, toasted sesame seed and walnuts.


Stir in very well until all the ingredients are perfectly combined. Cook them at low heat for more than one minute and then let it cool down.


Pour the jam in glass containers and close them well. Place them in your freezer. Enjoy!


This jam oozes a delicate and fruity aroma, its colors are vibrant and they add a beautiful profusion of colors in the glass containers.


Everytime I prepare the jam from dried figs and walnuts, I travel through time and I see myself in my great grandmother's kitchen, a small place but with a big kitchen and, in the corner her old wooden bowl, silvers spoons and a big container with dried figs that she would dehydrate herself.


What do you say? Dare to try it? We bet you do! ;)